Cucumber & Avo Salad

Don't think this took longer than 10 mins to make!


  • Cucumber (I had half but lots of sauce left so probably best to use more)
  • Avo (I used a whole one)
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Soy Sauce
  • Sesame Oil
  • Ginger & Garlic (ground)
  • Honey (you’d need to omit this if you wanted the healthiest version of this salad – you could probably use Agave nectar as it’s similar to honey in consistency but apparently better than honey – I am no nutritionist and just go by what I’ve heard or read)
  • Chili (chopped up)

I have this hand held spiraliser which I used for the cucumber (doesn’t look as pretty as using the expensive version but it works and I ended up having long noodle like cucumber strings). Diced up some avo and added this.

While doing this a toasted some sesame seeds in a small pan (not oil needed when you toast seeds). Once it was toasted I threw it into the cucumber and avo bowl.

Used the same pan and added sesame oil and then my chopped chili and crushed garlic and ginger paste. Once cooked out for a bit I added soy sauce, honey and seasoned with salt and pepper. After simmering for a bit I poured it over my salad and mixed it in. I did add extra salt and pepper onto my avo. I will admit that I have a bit of a heavy hand with seasoning but I cannot handle bland food – what’s the point of eating all those calories!