Baked Butternut

Go crazy with the fillings

I’m no stranger to peeling butternut and my “old hands” can attribute to that, but this recipe has literally cut down my prep time… well only for the butternut part as I decided to make two kinds of filling. 

Method: I cut the butternut length wise and scooped out the seeds. Drizzled with olive oil, seasoned (everything gets seasoned) and baked for a bit. While that was baking I prepared a spinach and ricotta mix which I added to sauteed onions. The other filling was just a tomato onion mix (or smoor or smoortjie as some of us call it). I added mixed herbs and chili to this mix. The butternut at this point was ready so I scooped the mixtures (separately) into the “holes” of the butternut and placed back into the over for a bit. Thinking about it now, mozarella on top of the onion mix would’ve been a nice addition.