Finally, summer arrived (if only for two days this week) but yay, it was here. We got to take Nonkies (you’ll come to know this is Atarah’s nickname) to the beach and dragged a grumpy, teen (Enosh, my son) with. One thing about Enosh though is that he can’t stay grumps for too long, thank goodness, and we soon had such a lovely, and short time, at the beach.

What it's all about

The idea to do a personal website started with Atarah’s closet.. and the fact that I didn’t start a baby book. So why not do it online? Also, I feel too bad flooding everyone’s social media newsfeeds with baby pics and shoes so here I can post away to my heart’s content… This obviously needed to include Enosh and Andrew and my nearest and dearest, and my love for shoes and FOOD. Well I suppose this is like my Pinterest board come to life. I’ll only be posting items that I’ve actually made (and turned out successfully). I’ll be updating pages and adding new ones as I go along, so feel free to check back if you find anything useful. Oh… and don’t expect a lot of words… nobody has time for all that reading :/