Coconut Cream Ice Cream

You can get creative with this one and it's SUPER EASY


  • 1 can coconut cream
  • frozen fruit of your choice

In my pics I used frozen young berries and mango (I used banana in both). The more banana you add the less sorbety it becomes, which is fine when eaten straight away but once melted the banana is a bit gooey. So only use half or 1 small banana. Oh yes, the actual method….

Place frozen fruit and coconut cream in a food processor. (Once I tried freezing the coconut cream which was an effort to get out the tupperware and a bit of a strain on my food processor’s motor, but it was so creamy and thick). Anyway, you don’t have to freeze the coconut cream, it all works out pretty much the same. Ooookay back to the method, sorry I lost track again… blend it all until there are no pieces and the mixture is smooth. For the berry versions I added 70% Lindt pieces into the blender until there were fine pieces swirling around the soft and creamy berry sorbet like ice cream. You can freeze but will need to thaw a bit in order to dish up.