It was so exciting taking Atarah for her first visit to the beach.

Her father is inlove with the ocean.. I mean really inlove. He literally needs to drive past it every day to make sure it’s still there. We live about 10 mins (slow) walk to the beach and he refuses to live “in land”. My mom in law said Andrew cried when she first took him but as you can see from the photos Nonkies was loving the new experience and Enosh was loving the fact that she was loving the sand!

Let it be known that I sheltered him a lot. So much so that he was afraid of grass until at least the age of 4. No… I’m not really a nature person… no, I don’t like sand everywhere… BUT, I have a new found love for the beach, sand and all, since being with Andrew. It’s not really that bad once you change your mindset – but only beach sand, I don’t like the muddy kind.