The search for a significant and unique name had begun. I was determined not to follow trends. While serving at kids church you notice obvious trends in names/ages. It’s like everyone turns to google when picking a name. 

So how did my search begin? I Googled it…

I searched for Christian girl names and fell in love with one of the first names on the list… Atarah, which means crown. It didn’t take much convincing to get hubby on board, who was set on Jessica and is now her second name.

We spent a significant amount of time choosing a name and now we call our precious little girl, Nonkies, a character from In The Night Garden. And of course, “Atarah” when we want her to know she’s doing something naughty. 

I designed a wall image for her using some bible verses which I hope will inspire and ring true as she makes her way through this crazy life.