Sunday the 6th January was one to remember. My boy, Enosh, made the decision to follow Jesus and be baptised at our church Hillsong. It was such a special day and I was so proud that he had made the decision on his own. He had just come off from the youth’s summer camp and there was definitely a shift in him when he came home. Now…this teen phase has definitely been challenging – hormones, moods, attitude, selfishness – you know, all those ‘good old’ teen things we all put our parents (or in my case grandparents) through. They’re like the nicest people to everyone else but little assholes at home 😮
Anyway, back to the topic… I have to highlight the moment after he was prayed for and we (my friend Bianca and I) went to congratulate him. Even though he was sopping wet and it was windy and freezing cold, I grabbed my son and gave him the biggest hug (sobbing of course through the whole process). He hugged me back in a way that I haven’t experience since he was about 6 years old and before he “grew up” and it just melted my heart even more. We just hugged for a while and he was so happy and I could sense his excitement for this new journey – which won’t be easy at all but will be so worth and the best decision ever made.